Same old Labor

In further signs that Labor’s claims that it is moving away the dark-ages on industrial relations issues are a load of air, ACTU secretary Greg Combet has announced that he will run for a federal seat with Labor in the next federal election. So much for Kevin Rudd’s claims that ‘there can be no return to the past’ on industrial relations. This is a prime example that Labor’s true intentions are to reinvigorate union power in Australia and return us to the past.

3 thoughts on “Same old Labor”

  1. Because not everybody wants to be represented by a union. In fact, union membership is declining and a minority of the workforce belong to unions. Therefore it shouldn’t be public policy to force union policy upon people. It’s an issue of basic human rights – freedom of representation and freedom of choice.

  2. Oh come on Pete, you’ll have to do better than that. Combet’s a high profile, extremely canny candidate. It’s a no-brainer politically speaking. This doesn’t prove that Rudd is the Unions gimp, it proves (as if we needed more proof,) that Rudd is a very smart politician. I wonder what you make of Maxind McKew? Does it prove that under Rudd’s fiscal conservatism there lies a beating latte filled heart?

    I agree with your point in comments, but i have a counter. It shouldn’t be public policy to force Lawyer policy upon people! or BCA policy for that matter… and also i suspect that Union membership is no longer declining.

    BTW, i just wrote something on a related subject so i thought this was as good a time as any to hook you up with the emooandmikey blog like we were talking all that time ago in the ‘dale – long way from Oxford (or Chile for that matter.)

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