The paranoid society

From the Sydney Morning Herald, apparently a school eisteddfod in Australia recently banned all photography and filming, for fear that the photos could be misused by paedophiles. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me. It seems that year by year society becomes progressively more paranoid about paedophiles, to increasingly more disproportionate extents. I agree that paedophilia is something that needs to be stopped. But at this rate it won’t be long before kids can’t enter public places in case a paedophile happens to be watching and takes pleasure in it.

It’s all very well to be concerned about paedophilia, or any other crime for that matter. But realistically now, is it really worth completely destroying our civil liberties and way of life as a precautionary measure against someone getting-off on a picture of a child playing a violin?

People need to chill out.

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