Rohde vs Zuckerberg: Part 7.6a

Hmm… that’s funny. I just tried and I’m pretty sure I can.
I mean, in all fairness, it is pretty offensive. Just look closely at the guy above the letter ‘u’ in the text at the bottom of the infographic. He’s stepping with a very long step, and is probably in a rush. He’s also leaning forwards, congruent with his haste, the reason being that the WC is offscreen left, which he is utterly determined to locate in time, lest his right hand – visibly attempting to hold in in what needs to be held in, his raised right elbow being the dead visual giveaway – buckle and facilitate a deadly blast. This symptomatically overlaps with just being and old man with a bad back – a view substantiated by his hat – however it’s not, and you shouldn’t fall for it, because despite this amateur act of deception, the far greater issue is that he’s walking right onto the railway tracks (probably drunk), which is not only a health and safety issue, but an extremely bad example to set for our impressionable youth. This guy needs to grow up and get a job.
I’m glad this has been clarified, and I accept that with these highly detailed guidelines, I’m now in a position to ensure that the same mistake is never repeated again.
FYI, the choice is binary: you either click a button to disagree, or you don’t. There is nothing more than that, even if you press the button (I presume everyone presses the button).

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  1. Bravo and touche’ Peter Rohde you have achieved greatness when Zuckerberg and his merry imbeciles banish you for such profound subversion! I am a great admirer of Adolf’s artistic talent 🙂

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