New quantum blog – Room 408

A new quantum blog, Room 408, from the boys at the University of Melbourne, has recently started. Their most recent post in particular is very humbling, and at the same time puts a hell of a lot of pressure on me to write more papers. Damn, I was hoping to relex this weekend.

2 thoughts on “New quantum blog – Room 408”

  1. Next time you refer to the humans who occupy room 408, please be so kind as to not assume that we are all of the male gender. Some non-gender specific terms include “peeps”, “people”, “sciencers”. Try to think of more and its disturbing how few there are.

    Mel, of room 408.

  2. In this context I use the term ‘boys’ in a gender inclusive way, to mean ‘all young people’. Please don’t go on to tell me that I should be inclusive of the older people in room 408 too. 🙂



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