Introduction to Mathematica

An elementary introduction to Mathematica, aimed at complete beginners, including: algebraic manipulation, solving equations, complex numbers, linear algebra, functions, plotting, derivatives, integrals, solving differential equations, flow control, interactive graphics, and much more. All you need is Mathematica to try this out for yourself. I give several simple projects, including implementing a classical random walk, and basic quantum optics using operator algebra.

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Mathematica”

  1. Your Introduction to Mathematica is fun…
    I was trying to contact you because the downloads from Youtube are corrupted today (used IDM and Ummy with the same disappoint).
    Now I found your video here and the download was perfect.

    I read the quote by Feynman at your Home page and this reminded me a curious anecdote about Stephen Wolfram and Feynman (he was the head of Wolfram’s thesis committee)…
    In “Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track (2005)”, a collection of Feynman’s letters, there are many references to Wolfram.
    The first one when Wolfram was requesting Feynman’s recommendation for the MacArthur grant (Wolfram became the youngest recipient).
    The second one when a disheartened Wolfram was suggesting that scientists should create a more protected environment for their endeavors, such as their own Institutes…
    Feynman immediately discouraged the young prodigy for the bizarre idea.
    Fortunately Wolfram wasn’t deterred for a second since he is also a great business entrepreneur.
    The result: Wolfram Research… Mathematica… the Wolfram Language.
    Scientific genius and business entrepreneurship is a most rare combination.
    Certainly not the case of Jobs and Gates, which are (were) mainly great business men…

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