Clean up – day 1

Today I spent all day helping out with the clean up in St. Lucia, the next suburb from where I live. I was shocked at the magnitude of the damage (see photos below). The place looks like an absolute war zone. At the same time I was very touched by the community response to the clean up effort. I volunteered on one street, and on that street alone there were many hundreds, maybe even a thousand volunteers, happily getting covered in septic mud to help clean up the places of people they’d never met before and never will. Countless community groups had stations along the road organising human resources, providing BBQs and drinks. It was really very touching that so many people had the community spirit to do this. Well done to everyone involved – you make our community proud!

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One thought on “Clean up – day 1”

  1. Keep it up! Great spirit. All the best to the people in Brisbane and all those who have been affected elsewhere.

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