A new Labor?

From The Australian, Kevin Rudd has been overseeing some major policy shifts in the Australian Labor Party. Specifically, his proposals include opposing passive welfare, supporting the sale of Telstra, promoting free trade agreements, and ’embracing the casualisation of the workforce’ whatever that means. The Australian is anticipating a showdown between Rudd and Labor’s left wing factions over this change in policy direction. This is absolutely delightful for several reasons. First, the ALP is finally adopting more modern and mainstream policies. Second, this sidelines the left wing factions, which is long overdue. Third, it puts the ALP in a position where, for the first time in a long while, they can directly compete with the coalition for some of their voter base. It will be interesting to see to what extent the ALP actually lives up to these spoken goals. Now, if only the ALP would embrace Australian Workplace Agreements they’d have my vote for sure.

2 thoughts on “A new Labor?”

  1. Now firstly i should point out that i’ve never been a long term member of the australian work force, and i also tend to be on the ‘left’ of any political argument, but it seems to me that all these policy shifts just mean we will all be voting conservative (in the newer sense of the word) come election day. What happened to the days when people rallied behide some crazy ranting ‘leader’ who had some remant of social morality and wasn’t so caught up in the all important economy.

  2. ‘ now if only the ALP would embrace AWAs they would have my vote ‘

    Well keep your vote . Who cares .

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