Two new papers on the arXiv

This post is slightly technical.

I submitted a couple of new papers to the arXiv today (probably inaccessible until Monday), joint work with Christine Silberhorn and Wolfgang Mauerer that we have done together during my visit to the Max-Planck Institute here in Erlangen.

The first paper, “Spectral structure and decompositions of optical states, and their applications”, considers the description of optical states in the spectral degree of freedom, as opposed to the number degree of freedom, which is how such states are usually described. We look at general properties of such spectral characterizations, and discuss a decomposition technique that simplifies many types of calculations. Most notably, processes like spectral filtering, mode mismatch, and various interference effects can be very easily described using our techniques.

The second paper, “Quantum state tomography of single photons in the spectral degree of freedom”, describes an approach for performing Quantum State Tomography (QST) of single photons in the spectral degree of freedom. Normally QST of optical states is performed in the photon number degree of freedom, using techniques like Optical Homodyne Tomography (OHT). However, for many quantum information processing applications we employ single photons and we need to ensure that they have both a high degree of purity and indistinguishability. Given a single photon, tomography in the photon number degree of freedom cannot quantify this. Instead, we suggest characterizing the state in the spectral degree of freedom, in which case spectral purity and indistinguishability can be readily calculated.

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