That’s Dr. Rohde to you

Today I was awarded my PhD, after waiting only 10 months since submission. No more calling me Peter. No more calling me ‘hey you’. From now on it’s Dr. Rohde. People who previously referred to me as Sir Rohde may continue to do so and forget the Dr. bit.

6 thoughts on “That’s Dr. Rohde to you”

  1. Congratulations on receiving your doctorate, Doctor :). I don’t know how I found your blog but I linked to it because it is very interesting. Sometimes its a bit over my head, probably more so than not, but that’s my problem. I see all the “quantum” stuff. I’m not a physics major but I do believe in “string theory”. I’m more of a “healer/shaman” type and string theory fits right into my beliefs. Again, congratulations. I’m sure you worked hard for this degree.

  2. Congrats! It’s a nifty feeling until some American (usually) tells you you’re not a “real” doctor because you’re not an MD (as a Yank myself I can say that).

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