Radical, you think?

Today I was reading the Haaretz, one of Israel’s larger newspapers. The head banner advertised this book. When I followed the link to see what the book was about the linked site pointed out that the book had been banned from advertising with Google and deleted from Amazon. Naturally this intrigued me, so I delved in and took a look at the contents. The book is freely available for download, but can also be purchased in paperback form. It presents a discourse on Israeli Middle-East politics. Here are some of the highlights from the table of contents:

  • Israel should restrict democracy
  • Israel as Middle Eastern empire: Israel should conquer only militarily weak, economically viable Muslim states
  • Israel may annex foreign land
  • Israeli threat of expansion would bring peace
  • Israel must use chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons
  • Israel must abandon the pretense of humane war with Arabs
  • Define acceptable cruelty for anti-Israeli acts formally
  • Israelis may sabotage Arab oil exports
  • Only Israel’s cruelty can instill fear in poor Palestinian people
  • Israel has no interest in making Palestinians rich
  • Necessary cruel steps to Israeli annexation of Palestine
  • Downgrade Israeli Arabs’ citizen rights
  • Israelis and Palestinians are not equal

What on Earth is a book like this doing being advertised on the front page of a major Israeli newspaper?

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