Sarong theorems

In case you’ve been wondering what we PhD students really do with our time, here it is. Introducing the Sarong Theorem Archive, a repository of images of physics and mathematics students proving theorems while wearing sarongs.

And here’s my contribution…

Proving the quantum Hamming bound in a sarong

2 thoughts on “Sarong theorems”

  1. Hahahahahooheehahahaha teehee hahadehahadehadehadehadehooooo

    That, my old rockclimbing friend, is fantastic.
    How are you by the way?? Quantum Physics keeping you levelheaded?

    I really am sorry for locking you out that day, you know,


  2. Howdy Michael,

    Glad to see that you’re alive and kicking in usual form. I am well, and quantum physics is well and truly preventing my head from being level.

    While quite annoying at the time, your escapade to the beach while I spent all afternoon trying to break into the house is quite a fond memory in retrospect.

    On that note, it was only a few months ago that I took out a pair of old pants I hadn’t used for quite a while. I discovered, to my surprise, that in my pocket was still the pathetic, not to mention completely incorrect map you drew for me so I could get home from your friend’s cocktail party, which ended up taking me about 5km in directly the opposite direction from the house.

    I wonder if I’ve still got it.

    Let me know what’s going down in the world of Greg. I’m always interested.



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