New DJ Rohde track – new audio software

A new DJ Rohde track, Eternal Revolution, is available for download here. This track is made using my new toy – Ableton Live 6 – and incorporates Islamic Prayers, Adolf Hitler, Joesph McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Apollo and George Bush Snr. What a fantastic combination you say? Indeed.

I’ve just switched audio production suites. I was previously using Propellerhead’s Reason 3.0 and have just adopted the brand-spanking new Ableton Live 6. Live is pretty cool indeed and much better suited to loop-based composition, and the integration of audio samples – not to mention the ability to use the multitude of VST plug-ins out there. Perhaps most notably, Live is, as the name might suggest, very well suited to live performance. These are all areas where Reason, despite its other strengths, was unfortunately very weak. This new track heavily utilizes all of these features. In particular, after setting up all my loops and samples within Live, the final track was essentially a recording of a live, real-time arrangement of these. This is one of the coolest features of Live.

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