More Vista nightmares

So here’s a new one. The ‘hibernate’ button on my computer just disappeared. That’s right, for no reason whatsoever, my start menu contained one fewer options this morning. It just disappeared. Recall from my previous rant on Vista that logging off crashes my computer, and sleeping doesn’t work (it wakes up again after a few second). So now I only have one working power option available, shutdown. Brilliant, now every time I want to sleep my computer I have to shut it down. Bravo Bill.

4 thoughts on “More Vista nightmares”

  1. Peter, have you enabled hybrid sleep (i.e. “sleep’) on your machine?
    Hibernation is not available as an option if you do that. In Windows
    XP, you had “stand by” and “hibernate”. Vista introduces “sleep” which combines “stand by” and “hibernate” and works more like the Macintosh.

    Maybe this can be of help:

    I’m trying to fiddle with XP’s power management. I would like a
    limited user to not be able to modify power schemes, but still be able to select between different schemes. I’ve written to MS about which registry keys to I need to give “Users” permission to modify.

    I just did something bizarre when posting this. I clicked on “Submit”, but I forgot to click “Change” to reveal the challenge question. However, clicking submit locked up the page. Not wanting to type my reply again, I took a screenshot, pasted it into MS Paint and saved it as a TIFF, opened it up in Microsoft Office Document Imaging and ran OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on it, opened a new copy of this webpage, and pasted my reply back into it. One can never have enough utilities lol.

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