I’ve shunned the dark side

After two years on exchange on the dark side, I have repented and returned to being Steve Jobs’ stooge. I now have a brand spanking new MacBook Pro, and what a refreshing experience it is: a stable OS, elegant and well thought out user interface design, dual core processor, and a extremely high contrast ratio LCD display, presumably thanks to the new LED backlighting. Having used my new Mac for a few days I thoroughly regret having used a PC for the last two years. There’s no going back.

2 thoughts on “I’ve shunned the dark side”

  1. Make sure that you download TeXShop, LaTeXiT, and Plot. Oh, and the latest version of iWork. All very useful tools for writing about clusters states and such.

  2. Already have TeXShop. Plot looks like a nice program with very aesthetic outputs. LaTeXiT is a program that I’ve been wishing for for quite some time. When I was on Windows I always wished that I didn’t have to create LaTeX files to make my equations for talks and poster. This one is a godsend.

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