I’m devistafied

That’s right, after battling against the Vista demon for a couple of months, I slay the dragon by writing right over the top of it with a dual-boot XP/Ubuntu configuration. Vista went down howling, screaming and blowing fire from its nostrils. I emerged triumphant and the townspeople were grateful. Once again their software worked, their machines stable, more than 5% of their CPU power available, and their power management once again functional. Rest in peace evil dragon. May you never again terrorize the Earth with your fancy interface and DRM.

4 thoughts on “I’m devistafied”

  1. Congratulations ! Do Microsoft have a refund policy , or customer satisfaction one? Could you get a refund ? I will be interested in a few months to see your usage stats of XP vs Ubuntu.

  2. I doubt *very* much that Microsoft has a refund policy, especially after I’ve been using the program for a couple of months. However, I will try and sell it on eBay. I suspect that my usage stats will be predominantly XP. The reason being that I have lots of Windows only software. However, in time this will gradually change.

  3. Oh Peter, very amusing however, i seem to remember, back in the mists of time that were high school, you were a avid mac user. Have you been enslaved by the beast for work/study purposes or are you just a bit masochistic?

  4. Hi Boz,

    Good to hear from you. Yes, it appears that I deviated from the true path away from Mac’s, where my heart truly lies. At the time it was just a matter of cost. Apple laptops cost somewhat more than PCs. However, I can guarantee you that my next computer purchase will be a Mac, and my soul will be cleansed.

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