Got a job. Flights are booked.

It appears that my cunning reverse job application was successful, as I now have a postdoc job in the Materials Department at Oxford, starting July 1. My flights are booked and I’ll be departing sunny Brisbane on June 22 in favour of the infamous British weather.

Doing some preliminary research into living costs in Oxford, I was astonished to find that for a single bedroom apartment I could realistically expect to pay three to four times as much as here in Australia. And I thought it was only London that was so heinously expensive.

17 thoughts on “Got a job. Flights are booked.”

  1. “…I now have a postdoc job in the Materials Department at Oxford”

    Dude, I can’t believe you slaved away at uni for 8 yeast to become a seamstress!

    *Shakes her head

  2. Nice one mate…pack a coat and some wellies. Also im here to make sure you didn’t miss my comment below on the Combet post.

  3. Three years of a PhD really brought out my effeminate side, while one year of living with Bagel really brought out my fashion sense. Materials seemed the only logical choice.

  4. congrats pete! much deserved after a long search (not to mention the three years phd 🙂 )

  5. Well, let me be the first to welcome you to the group.

    There are free lunches on Thursdays, so that should go some way towards offsetting the living expenses.

  6. Yes. We have them after the coffee talk on Thursdays, and they’re open to all people interested in QIP. More practically, they’re within about 15 ft of which ever office you wind up in.

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