Fighting speeding using positive feedback

Most countries use negative feedback to discourage speeding. Here’s an interesting alternative based on using positive feedback to encourage slower driving. Apparently it’s been highly effective. I wonder whether such a model could be used in other areas to encourage social responsibility.

3 thoughts on “Fighting speeding using positive feedback”

  1. I don’t get it. How do I get notified, if I win the lottery? Just because I’m driving my car, somebody will be concerned with getting my address. Are the police supposed to take care of that? And what if I hate lotteries, since I hate the spamming that comes with it? So now they get me while I’m helpless 🙂

    Well, for the “fun” part: Some people find it funny to break speed records at night and have their friends take pictures of it. Just like Usain Bolt next to his 9.58 sec. or so…

    1. Yeah I’m not sure how the details of the implementation of the scheme work. They must have some kind of cooperation with the police so that they can contact people who ‘win’. Details aside, it’s a nice idea.

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