Blooper of the day

Today, as I do every morning, I reached under the sink in my bathroom to get my deoderant. Today, however, I received an unpleasant surprise when, a short while after pressing and holding the button, it occurred to me that I had in fact reached for the shaving cream, not the deoderant. Why do they have to make these bottles look and feel exactly the same? Why can’t they add some distinguishing feature to these bottles like a simple label saying ‘deoderant’ or ‘foam’? The morons…

The culprit imitator can of foam standing next to the true deoderant.

The innocent victim.

4 thoughts on “Blooper of the day”

  1. The photo of the “innocent victim” looks as if it were stolen from Aggie’s blog.

    I bet you’ve been carefully reading the labels, perhaps twice, each day before use since the incident.

    By the way, your stupid challenge doesn’t allow for creativity.

    6×5 7=?
    I wrote “thirty-seven” as I felt like wordy but it wasn’t accepted.

  2. so, uh… did you use your deodorants before you shave, too?
    i’m thinking this problem might be the “tip” of some underlying unconscious conflicts… but hey hey hey i’m here to help!! just don’t forget the cash

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