Australia a nuclear threat?

Here’s a fresh one. According to a US congressman Australia has an interest in nuclear weapons and is a part of the nuclear threat against the US.

One thought on “Australia a nuclear threat?”

  1. Peter,

    I think its time to break out that video where Americans are asked to identify France, North Korea, Iran, etc and they point to Australia.

    anyway, FTA:

    “And it is not clear if Mr Corker has benefited from a controversial campaign ad that has aired on Tennessee television in which a scantily clad woman claims to have met Mr Ford at a Playboy party. Mr Ford was one of 3000 guests at a Playboy party for the Super Bowl last year.”

    So Mr. Ford went to a Playboy party? He shouldn’t worry about Australia then; it has, after all, a PM who dined with a porn king:,23739,21384676-3102,00.html

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