Apple WWDC 2007

Watch Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation to the Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference 2007 here (roughly 1.5 hours).

Some of the highlights:

  • The announcement of EA and id game titles for OSX.
  • A sneak peak at OSX Leopard with many new features.
  • The announcement of a Windows version of Safari.
  • Application development for the iPhone.
  • And most of all – the characteristic brilliance in Steve Jobs’ presentation style.

2 thoughts on “Apple WWDC 2007”

  1. A pretty boring keynote I think. EA are rubbish and OSX will remain a poor gaming platform for a long time; most of the new features of Leopard were known already and many had already been demonstrated; the Safari beta is unreliable in OSX and I don’t expect that it will appeal to many VIsta or XP users – people had a reason to download iTunes, but not Safari; application development for the iPhone was basically Jobs saying that there would be no iPhone SDK.

  2. I agree that the keynote didn’t have much new to say, since most of the announcement were pretty much expected. You’re right that Safari for Windows probably isn’t going to go down very well. It’s unlikely that users we see a compelling reason to switch browser. As for lack of the iPhone SDK, I think there are good reasons for this. If the demos are anything to go by, the iPhone will be very elegant and have a very well designed interface. The risk in opening up the iPhone to developers is that this could become compromised. There are strong arguments in both directions, but I can certainly sympathize with Apple’s decision here.

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